Harley Quinn

 Hi Everyone,

This is the first post with my shiny new layout so I hope it s good one. I recently (not so recently but oh well) I wanted to properly start making cosplays so I first tried to make a Mad Moxxie but that didn't work out so well. So I thought I would try my second favourite villain.  Harley Quinn.

I would to make a disclaimer I have not had any sewing lessons in my life and I did not use and patterns (mostly as I don't know how to use them).

It did take me a while (about 6 months) and 2 sewing machines but I finally finished everything yesterday.

It started by me measuring myself drawing some lines on some lines on the fabric, sewing and praying it would go O.K.

I don't have a lot of photos from the beginning as I thought that I would give up at the first hurdle.

So it started with the bottoms.

Then the top

 Then I put them together with some arms

I then had to put on an invisible zip I don't have any pictures of that but that is how I broke the first sewing machine.

Then I added some diamonds (after I got a new sewing machine)

Then I worked on the cowl.

Added some puffs and wire.

Ignore my dorky face. Then I painted some old shoes

Then I set up little photo shot with Becky Bedbug She took the photos I edited them.

Me getting ready.

 The actual shoot.

I hope you guys like my cosplay.

Any comments will be welcome.

Many thanks,

Bendy Benz.


  1. Harley is my FAVORITE. She MIGHT be part of the reason why my daughter's name is Quinn :D
    You did a great job. I much prefer her classic look to the new stuff.

    1. Quinn is a lovely name (it is spelt correctly too :D) I'm not a fan of the new stuff it feel like its slutty for the sake of being slutty. Thanks for the comment come back for more cosplay things... xox


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